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Miami Art District - Art Basel 2014
An event by "Endangered"

"Art Basel Miami 2014"
Oil over canvas 50cm x 40cm by Silvana Abel

Silvana Abel is happy to participate at the ENDANGERED Art Exposition in Miami. ENDANGERED is
always looking to utilize artwork to educate people and to direct the proceeds of any sales to the Center of Great Apes. She has deep concern about wild life and the health of our planet.
Silvana believes that every individual should take a stand in this.
Humanity needs to wake up, says Silvana, and understand that all resources are limited and that unless we find a cleaner, humane, and more sustainable way of living, we all will pay the ultimate price.
All proceeds from all sales will help the Center of Great Apes. Silvana believes that we can participate and make a difference. Art is a wonderful thing and it can help change the quality of all living thing in this world. Let's take action and participate!

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