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I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and I have been painting since 1991.

At first I felt in love with classical paintings, and immersed myself in developing The Great Master's Techniques. I have had my work displayed in galleries in Como, Italy - São Paulo, Brazil & Miami, Florida. Furthermore, my work has been in galleries like Finart, Renot, Júlio Lousada, in Brazil and Tesori d’Arte Gallery, Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, Coconut Grove, and Miami Art District, just to name a few. My style and attention to detail is considered remarkable, and my art-work has been compared to a Master's level in Europe, Brazil, and USA. Later in my career, I felt the desire to develop other unique techniques, and I experimented with the use of Marble, Crystals, Dolomite and other materials to create my series of Modern Paintings. It was only recently that I felt the desire of combining both techniques and to create a more Contemporary Collection - vibrant in emotions and movements. In Miami, I decided to adventure myself in producing a number of series in Pop-Art, and I found inspiration for my collections by projecting feelings and emotions in the Style of the 70's with a touch of academic strokes. South Florida has been great and an inspiration to me. I am grateful for Pedro Alzaga and Paulo Frade for the teachings and learning at the beginning of my career.

Mission & Goal

To bring high quality artwork to art-collectors through selected and exclusive themes and styles.

I have been creating a number of new series and styles that have not yet been published or made available to the public. Come back soon and continue to inquire and visit my website as I will make new work available by request!

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